Does Bill Whittle Like Dogs or Cats More?

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Does Bill Whittle Like Dogs or Cats More?

In this final Hot Seat episode, the PJTV producers get to ask Bill Whittle all the questions they didn’t think they’d get to… You’ll want to see his answers!

Liam Payne Had An Epic Dog-Training Fail

Liam Payne Had An Epic Dog-Training Fail
After seeing Liam Payne's dog-training skills, it seems he may want to stick with his day job. In a new Instagram video, Payne attempts to show off his dog, a Great Dane named Watson, and his listening skills. Unfortunately, it seems that Watson will …
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Man who sparked outrage with 'Nazi dog training' now claims he is a selfie
Man who sparked outrage with 'Nazi dog training' now claims he is a selfie celebrity as he poses with Conor McGregor. 17:24, 26 Apr 2016; Updated 17:24, 26 Apr 2016; By Xantha Leatham. MARKUS Meechan of Coatbridge was slammed by Jewish leaders …
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Your dog's pet peeve? Those hugs you love to give him
Erica Lieberman, a dog trainer and behavior consultant with Pawsibilities Pets in New York City, told The New York Times that its best to err on the safe side. For example, people who adopt a rescue dog may not know the animal's socialization history …
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The Best Low-Maintenance, Pet-Friendly Houseplants
As much as I love plants, I've never had many for two reasons: I'm terrible at keeping them alive and I have pets. A lot of plants are either toxic to my cats or they just require too much maintenance. Recently, though, I vowed to finally bring some …
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It’s time for another DIY Dog Treat video! Today we are making DIY No Bake Peanut Butter Dog cookies! Let us know if you end up trying these with your dogs!
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Inspiring image of schoolgirl protecting stray dog from torrential rain warms
It was later shared on social media with the caption: "To see there are still people who care about animals fills me with happiness, seeing her drying the little dog with her blazer without caring what anyone thinks says a lot, if we all followed her …

Shocking pictures show horrific flesh-eating disease that killed Manchester dog
This shocking picture shows the horrific flesh-eating disease that ended up killing a family's pet dog. The six-year-old Manchester terrier, called Bradley, had been walking with its owner near their home in Tyldesley, near Wigan, Greater Manchester.
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Cities go to extreme lengths to tackle a dog poop epidemic
If you live in a place of clean sidewalks and poo bag dispensers, you might believe this is a world where canine excrement is not an enormously foul public problem. You would be wrong. Dogs in the United States and across the globe are using streets as …
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Cat Went Blind Living In A Dirty Pet Store — Then Someone Saved Her

Cat Went Blind Living In A Dirty Pet Store — Then Someone Saved Her
Moet, a white Persian cat, started her life in a pet shop in Oman, a small country in the Middle East. Emily Shotter. She lived in a dirty cage filled with several other cats. Her only shot at a happy and comfortable life depended on whether or not she …
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Halifax mocked for using Top Cat in new mortgage adverts – when he lived in a BIN
A HALIFAX advert that shows Top Cat applying for a mortgage has Twitter uses scratching their heads – after they pointed out the cartoon gangster lives in a BIN. The short ad features TC and close pal Benny the Ball, who are approached by a friendly …
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The Truth about Positive Dog Training Part 1 (

Full article here:
Video to be used for leveling the playing field when having a discussion about positive reinforcement vs positive punishment in dog training. Comparison mainly between traditional dog training with Barbara Woodhouse and main stream positive dog trainers Dr. Ian Dunbar and Victoria Stilwell. Modern balanced dog trainers are not covered in this video. Keep in mind that any trainer can misuse equipment or be abusive in general. This is only a comparison of when positive reinforcement and positive punishment have been used in commercialized dog training.
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Did You Know These Critically Acclaimed Actors Have Voiced … Cats?
Reeves joins a prestigious group of actors who've lent their vocal talents to cats — from the domesticated to the wild, the animated to the live-action. Watch our video to see the many award-winning talents (Bill Murray, Bette Midler, Kevin Spacey …
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38 Cats Found Living in 'Deplorable' Conditions Inside Van: Cops
The officer found one woman and dozens cats inside the van, according to Sgt. Forrest Bohannon of Sandy Springs Police. "The condition of the vehicle was deplorable and it appeared that the women had been living in the vehicle with the animals," Sgt.
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Jonah Hill and Miles Teller break down War Dogs

Jonah Hill and Miles Teller break down War Dogs
If Hollywood dreamed up War Dogs' plot — about two friends from Miami Beach who win a $ 300 million U.S. weapons contract — it would be considered too outlandish. But truth really is stranger (not to mention grittier and funnier and just plain weirder …
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Movie staring Burt Reynolds, Amy Smart filming at Southeastern Guide Dogs
Burt Reynolds, Amy Smart, Liam McIntyre, and more are in Palmetto at Southeastern Guide Dogs, working on the film “And Then There Was Light.” On Wednesday, we were invited to visit with the cast and watch them as they shot some scenes. “I haven't done …
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Kate Upton's Must-Have Pet Gear Includes Baseballs, Bones and Frisbees
Kate Upton attends the Celebrity Ski & Smile Challenge at the Utah Winter Olympic Park on March 12, 2016, in Park City, Utah. Credit: Fred Hayes/Getty Images. Bringing out the animal (lover) in her! Kate Upton chatted with Us Weekly at the Grand Slam …
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Here's Why Having A Pet Lemur Is Never A Good Idea
A conservation group, however, urges social media users to stop sharing the clip because having a lemur for a pet is never a good idea. The video shows two young boys petting a ring-tailed lemur and scratching its back. Whenever the scratching stops …
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Show-stopping pet treat truck debuts in L.A.
You've never seen a dog treat truck like this before. From the oversized dog bone and paw, to the lighted elements and retro look, it'll be love at first sight. Dog enthusiasts can check out the fun and informative Good Stuff Pet Truck April 22 – 24 at …
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