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Arm Pump Unlocked – Motocross Arm Pump Solution! For Dirt Bike Riders
Arm Pump Unlocked - Motocross Arm Pump Solution! For Dirt Bike Riders
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My pet squirrel, Sandy, playing, snuggling, biting, licking, yawning, and being generally cute.

On September 21st, after a big rain storm here in Austin, TX, I found this baby squirrel in my backyard. She had fallen from her nest in the pecan tree. Both…

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Top Pets to Keep You Relaxed after Work


Have you ever considered taking an animal companion to work with you? It would be amazing wouldn’t it? You wouldn’t have to be alone anymore; there will always be someone to listen to your feelings. But, this wouldn’t be appropriate in real world. Your company would never allow you to take a pet to the office with you. But, pets are a great deal when it comes to the question how to be positive. And in order to be positive, you should be able to calm your mind and in order to calm your mind, you need to be in a positive work environment.

Here are the things you face when you are working in your office.

-  Being sick of doing the same work.

-  Having to stay at the same place for long.

-  Having to work on projects overnight.

Due to these sorts of facts, it is necessary to be positive to save your strength and continue working effectively. Pets can be of great help when it comes to mind relaxation. They have a magical like power to calm your mind. Their activities are so vivid and interesting. Looking at them is like meditating. As we know, meditation is used to be positive. It mainly teaches how to be positive. So, since you are not allowed to take a pet to the office, you can have a pet at home and observe it when you go home.

Here are some fun facts about animals which would be useful if you are willing to adopt one in future.



These are very lovely animals which we can see anywhere. They are so adorable that they need our love and protection. Taking care of a cat is not very hard. That is because; they don’t need to be cleaned. They will do it by themselves. There are many advantages of having a cat. Among them, if you are finding the answer on how to be positive, they have the answer. They teach us how to be positive. Additionally they can be a solution to the mice problem as well.



If you are a known person to get mad instantly, buying a fish tank would be the best investment you do for your future. This is because, observing the fish is like a meditation. If you want to be positive, maintaining a well behaved mind is very important. The answer for the question how to be positive lies on the process of meditation. It doesn’t only bring peace to your mind, it can also add a beautiful view to your house as well.



Bird watching is a popular thing for middle aged people. But, you can buy a birdhouse and have three or four birds in it. It would be a peaceful scene to look at. You will love to hear their noise and how they love each other. They will help you to be positive in various ways too. That is mainly through beautifying your house for you and creating a calm environment for you to live in.

Alvin Skilpad is a blogger about personal development and a fan of positivty and then link to “be postive”

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Skeleton Diseases in Cats

Skeleton diseases in cats can severely cripple your pet, limit their muscular movements, inhibit the production of red blood cells, and also inhibit the ability of your cat to store fat. There are several causes of this disease in your pet but by far and away the largest group of causes will be from a nutritional deficiency.

Your cat’s skeletal design is quite similar to that of a human but with two very distinctive differences; your cat’s spine contains several more bones than a human spine, primarily to support their tail, and their vertebrae are not as tightly connected, which makes it much more flexible than human vertebrae. They also have no collarbone.

These features are what enable your cat to arch their back the way they do and to maneuver into very small spots by twisting their body in unique angles. It is made up of bones in the limbs, skull, spine, ribs and the sternum. It also has bones that help to form certain organs, such as the ear.

These bones will vary in size depending on the breed of your cat. But whatever the size of the cat is, the skeleton and the bones that make it up are absolutely critical to the overall health of your cat. These bones serve several important functions in their body.

They support the body and give it strength and durability, as well as servicing every level of their muscular actions. Bones also serve as a storage unit for several important elements with the most critical being calcium and phosphorus. In a healthy and well nourished cat bones also store fat in their system and they can pull from the bones in emergency situations.

But perhaps the most important function of the skeleton and bones is in production of red blood cells as well as several different white blood cells. Without this function, your cat will not survive. There are approximately 250 bones in the average cat.

Each of these bones contains several layers of tissue. The outside of your cat’s bones are covered with a fiber like membrane that is very rich in small blood vessels called capillaries which nourish your pet’s bones. The very firm dense outer layer of the bone is called the cortical bone which makes up over 80 percent of your cats skeleton and handles most of their weight.

The inner part of the bone is called the cancellous bone and has a very spongy like structure almost resembling a honeycomb. It makes up the remaining 20 percent and it is this bone mass that gives the skeleton its strength.

Your cat’s bones also contain marrow, which is a yellow color in the areas of your cat made of mostly all fat, and red in the areas where their red and white blood cells are produced. These bones and the skeleton operate at full capacity until they are attacked by a disease. There are three distinctive types of diseases or disorders that will attack your cat: Congenital, Osteomyelitis, and Nutritional.

Types of Disease or Disorder:
Congenital diseases or disorders can occur in cats but they are very uncommon. Siamese cats may be affected by a genetic defect in their metabolism that can cause both a broad flat face and lameness in their hind legs.
Osteomyelitis disorders are inflammations of the bone that is caused by a bacterial infection, but some fungi can also cause infections.

These infections reach your cats bones by traveling through the bloodstream or by spreading form nearby tissue that have become infected. Bacterial infections are also rare, but when they do occur they primarily affect the legs and the spine of your pet.

Nutritional disorders are by far and away the biggest threat for skeleton diseases in cats and the most common form is Rickets. Calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin D are critical to your pet’s skeleton as well as their bones. Calcium and phosphorus must be in a balance in your cat’s skeleton to function properly.

Cats are generally not deficient of phosphorus but they are almost always deficient of calcium which is essential in maintaining both the cortical bones as well as the cancellous bones. It also plays an extremely important role in maintaining the muscle structure in your cat.

Vitamin D activates and controls both calcium and phosphorus in your pet. If the blood levels of these minerals become too low, your cat’s body produces a hormone that causes both to be released from the bones. When this happens, the bones become soft and as a result, your cat develops Rickets.

Rickets can cause lameness, primarily in your pets back legs, as well as deformed bones that can very easily become fractured. This disease is most common in younger cats that are fed an all meat diet. Calcium should be supplemented in 500mg doses for every 1000 mg of meat that is fed.

The best form of Vitamin D supplement will be one daily recommended dose of a liquid capsule or from one teaspoon full of cod liver oil in your cat’s food. Cod liver oil is an excellent source of Vitamin D, especially if your cat in an indoor cat, as exposure to sunlight is also a very good source of Vitamin D.

If your cat has any type of kidney disease, it will also affect their skeleton as it depletes both the supply of phosphors and Vitamin D.

There is one other potential nutritional disorder that can affect your cat’s skeleton. If you feed your pet a diet that is almost all liver and milk based this will cause an excessive amount of Vitamin A to enter into your cat’s skeleton and spread to their bones. An excessive of Vitamin A will have the exact same result as a deficiency of
Vitamin D.


Skeleton diseases in cats can also inhibit your pet’s ability to produce red blood cells which can lead to anemia. Acute anemia can very quickly take your pets life. If you keep the proper ratio of Calcium to phosphorus in your cat to 1.2:1.0, and give them one teaspoon of cod liver oil daily, it could prevent any problems of your cat ever developing this type of disease.

I am an avid lover of pets and my wife and I have had several pets throughout our years. We are especially fond of dogs, and we have a 12 year old Dalmatian (our 3rd) and a “mutt” that we rescued when someone threw him away to die in a vacant field.

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Ask Jupiter 2 – The Talking Cat is Back

Ask Jupiter 2 - The Talking Cat is Back

Jupiter, the talking cat is back to answer more of your questions! facebook: twitter: Thanks o…

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National Geographic Documentary – Man Created Dog [Full]

An amazing History on the “creation” of the Dog. Make a Full Time Income With Surveys: Book your next hotel/flight for the lowest ra…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Gav and Dan employ the help of the Rise-monger’s dog in this very fluffy video. Follow Gav on Twitter – Follow Dan on Twitter -…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Special care and veterinarians for your pets

A dog is said to be a man’s best friend. The number of dogs domesticated and adopted by us is the largest as compared to any other animal. The huge number of adoption also generates chances for some businesses to grow. One of them is the animal health care business. It consists of veterinarians, nurses, animal health care products etc. One of the most important prospects is the veterinarian business. We will talk about the veterinarians at Wooster, OH. The veterinarian lineage has doctors who cure and specialize in working with animals and their conditions. There is a sharp increase in the number of vets operating at Wooster OH area due to the overwhelming demand in the Pet health care business.

Veterinarians at Wooster, OH, work at individual offices. A person in need of their services can contact the office and bring in their pet for a checkup. Every vet office is operated differently. Not all of the veterinarians at Wooster, OH specialize in variety of treatments. Some of the veterinarians have special labs meant only for treatment of dogs specifically. Others may own machinery or knowledge of different types of animals. Some of the doctors may only be available for special cases such as surgeries, eye diseases, skin and teeth disorders etc. Although many procedures mentioned above do not require immediate surgery, doctors now a day’s prefer it as it consumes less amount of time and the results are fantastic. Most of the common cases generally include joint pain, respiratory diseases, intestines and external injuries. Some of the clinics also offer a total checkup of the pet before recommending the type of treatment that the pet will receive at the clinic.

However there are some things which a pet owner should be aware of before handing over his precious pet to the vet clinic for treatment. It is advised that you get to know the vet first. Check out the office and the type of animals cured there. Also make sure that the office premises and the clinic operating room are clean and hygienic. Some of the vets also claim to apply new methods of treatment and several kinds of techniques that do not exist scientifically. A Google search on such methods would reveal a lot of information which can be helpful in choosing what’s right for your pet. It is also helpful to get some advises from a vet before you introduce a new change in the lifestyle of your pet.

Veterinarians Mansfield OH Mansfield based Spring Meadow Vet Clinic committed to you in offering a world class service and a state of the art veterinary facility. Their facility offers a one stop for your pet’s health and medical care.

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Moving Pets – Moving your Dog

Generally, dogs are more emotionally involved with their people than their surroundings, which makes relocating them an easier transition for them than it is for certain other pets (a cat, for example, or a teenager).  Still, it is a massive disruption in their routine, and the experts at Jay’s, your Calgary moving company have some suggestions to help your dog deal with the move and settle in happily at your new home.  Moving your dog shouldn’t be stressful for either of you, if you take care and employ some of these tips.

Tips for moving your dog:

If at all possible, separate your dog from the disruption of packing and removing items from your house so that he doesn’t become agitated before you leave.  Isolate him in a quiet room with his bed, food and water dishes and some toys to keep him occupied.  Visit as frequently as you can to pet and reassure him; he will hear the commotion in the rest of the house and wonder what’s going on;
If your dog isn’t one of the many that enjoy a car ride, take him in the car for short drives several times in the weeks prior to the move to desensitize him to the sensation, especially if your move involves a long drive.  This will also allow you to assess whether you need to invest in some doggy gravol.  You certainly don’t want to discover that your dog gets carsick on moving day, you’ll have enough things that require cleaning besides the inside of your car;
Use an approved pet carrier when travelling by car for the dog’s safety as well as your own.  If Fido is excitable and jumping around inside the vehicle, it could cause an accident;
When you arrive at your new home the first thing to do is take your dog on leash directly to the place where you want him to relieve himself, and praise him when he does so.  Establishing the location of his toilet immediately will help prevent accidents in your new home and facilitate the settling-in process (for both of you!);
Accompany your dog inside the house (on leash at first) and allow him to explore the space.  Take it slowly, especially if he is used to carpeted floors and the new home has hardwood, tile or other slippery surfaces; 
Be careful about letting your dog off-leash for the first few days, even if your new home has a fenced yard, there could be insecure areas that you aren’t yet aware of.  Your dog might even exhibit out-of-character behaviour.  For example, a previously unathletic stressed-out dog could suddenly find the strength to leap tall fences in an effort to escape and find their way back “home”.
Ensure that your dog is wearing an id tag with your updated address and phone number just in case he somehow escapes and disappears. 

These tips about moving your dog, from the experts at a reliable moving company, can help make sure your relocation is as stress free as possible, even for the furry members of your family!

Jay Mover is an aggregate character based on the experts who are part of the Jay’s Moving team.  Jay’s Moving is a respected moving company in Saskatchewan and Alberta with an exemplary record of customer service. Articles are written by members of the Jay’s team to share their knowledge of the moving industry.  For more info check out Jay’s Moving Alberta blog.

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Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations
Architects' Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations
From A Pm Who Proposed And Negotiated Fees For One Of The 21st Centuries Most Successful Architects Comes A Series Of Powerful Guides That Assist Architects Write And Negotiate Better Agreements.
Architects’ Guide To Fees, Contracts And Negotiations

Architectural Engineering Pe Exam Study Guide
Architectural Engineering Pe Exam Study Guide
This New Version Of The Architectural Engineering Pe Exam Study Guide Contains 190 Pages With Over 120 Sample Problems And An Expanded Resource List To Help In Assembling One Of The Best Tools You Can Take Into The Exam – The Test-day Resource Library.
Architectural Engineering Pe Exam Study Guide

Are You Trakn What’s Makn Money?
Are You Trakn What's Makn Money?
Trakn Is A Powerful Tool For Online Marketing, That Is So Simple To Use A Complete Internet Newbie Can Use It. Learn Exactly What’s Making You Money, And What’s Wasting Your Money – This Tool Will Help You Make More Money!
Are You Trakn What’s Makn Money?

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Great Toys for Cats

Cats can be very particular and many owners will have experienced the frustration of buying a new toy only to find that kitty is not interested. Of course, cats are very intelligent animals, so it is important that they are provided with proper stimulation, especially if they spend the majority of time indoors. However, which toys will keep a cat occupied and which will be ignored? Here are just a few of the cat toys that you may like to consider for your feline friend.


Fishing/Wand Toys

Fishing or wand toys are incredibly simple; they consist of a stick with a piece of string and some fluff or feathers on the end. Despite the simplicity, a cat’s interest in this toy will last as long as you are willing to play. One of the main reasons that these toys are so effective is that they appeal to the cat’s natural instinct to hunt small mammals and birds. Therefore, swiping, chasing and pouncing on the small toy at the end of the stick is great fun for them.


There are many wand toys to choose from, but generally it is best to go for a lightweight model, as this will provide more fun for your cat. However, depending on how rough your cat likes to play, you may find that the end of the toy gets broken and will need to be replaced.


Jingling Balls

Another very simple toy that appeals to the natural inclinations of the cat is a ball. A ball gives the cat an opportunity to chase and, as the cat’s paws bash the ball, it will roll across the room. This is the type of toy that a cat can amuse itself with, but there is an opportunity for human involvement if you care to join in. I specified jingle balls, because cats particularly enjoy balls or bubbles that make a sound, but you may find that your cat likes an ordinary ball just as well.


Small Fabric Toys

Again, typically it is the toys that do something, like make a sound or have some visual stimulation, that are most popular with cats. A small cloth or fabric toy that does nothing will not be as successful however. Unless, of course, it contains catnip, which is a real winner with the majority of cats.


Springy Toys

Like a fishing or wand toy, spring toys are incredibly popular, because they allow the cat to swipe and bat at something. If possible, it is a good idea to get a scratching post with springy toys attached, as this will also encourage your cat to use the post. Again, these types of toys are great for cats that are left indoors for the majority of the day, as it gives them an opportunity to amuse themselves.


Laser Pointing Toys

One of the more modern cat toys is the laser pointer, which is another activity designed to appeal to the cat’s natural hunting instincts. Opinion is divided over whether these toys are enjoyed by cats. Some owners claim that their cats are mesmerized by their laser toys and will play for hours at a time. On the other hand, there are cats that could not be less interested if they tried. Therefore, whether your cat will enjoy it or not is down to the individual animal.


The good news is that a small laser pointer toy can be bought relatively cheaply, which means the experiment does not have to cost a fortune. From a safety point of view, owners should never direct the laser into the cat’s eyes. It should be directed at the floor, where, if your cat is interested, he, or she, will chase it.


We love our pets. Consequently, the pet toy market is thriving. There are, of course, many other options for your cat, but these are just a few of the toys you might like to consider.


Samantha Markham is a professional freelance writer, based in the UK. She is currently producing articles on behalf of, an online supplier of unique pet products. Visit for a great range of interactive cat toys and gifts for the cat lover in your life, such as cat lover ceramic mugs.

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