Man Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog

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Man Punches Kangaroo To Save His Dog

An Australian man hunting boars with armored dogs came across a kangaroo who had one of his dogs in a headlock. When the kangaroo turned his attention to him, he punched the roo in the face.

Jimmy Dore breaks it down.

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Les Miserables Dog

Occurred: December 4, 2016 / Moscow, Russia

Info: A pack of dogs surround a woman leaving the grocery store, and one of the dogs steals a baguette half from her grocery bags.

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Howl Of A Dog

Yelp Reviewer Gets Hate For Insulting A Cat ft. Steve Greene & David So

A Yelp reviewer threw a hissy fit over a cat and got straight up dragged

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Training | Jake’s go home session | Solid K9 Training Dog Training

Jake came to us with a lot of reactivity and little focus. Today was his go home session and he did fantastic working with his owners. Here is a quick video of one of his owners working on recall, heel, and send to place all in one.
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Think Tank – When Cats Make You Think Of Tanks…?

What makes you think of tanks?

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Cats room Miaou December 8 2016

December 8 2016. Play with the cat.
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?Rescued cat diary of Himeji japan? and hart-warming moments and some of accidental happenings.

Mi-ke (calico, female; May, 2014- )
Kuro (black, male; October, 2014- )
Chipie (light gray tabby, female; April, 2015- )
Mimi (gray tabby, female; April, 2015- )
Maya (male;April,2016-)

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