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Puppies burned alive: video of Indian teens roasting dogs on bonfire sparks outage – TomoNews

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HYDERABAD, INDIA — Video footage has begun circulating of three two-month-old puppies, carried by their hind legs out to a graveyard and set on fire. Eight teenagers were involved in the cruel incident.

In the footage recovered from a fish stall owner in Musheerabad, eight teenagers can be seen fanning the flames of the pit, unaffected by the squeals of the innocent puppies. During several points in the video, the puppies can be seen trying desperately to escape the fire pit, their bodies roasting alive. But the teens show no mercy, using a stick to push the poor dogs back toward their fiery deaths, even laughing about it.

The gruesome video, reported to police on July 20, has since been shared all over the world. As a result, the eight boys, all under 18, have been arrested for this heinous act of cruelty against the puppies, believed to be only two months old at the time of their deaths. Unfortunately in India, the penalty for animal cruelty is a maximum fine of Rs. 50, equivalent to 74 cents in USD. The law was first enacted in 1960, but the punishment and the fines have remained the same ever since.

Using the hashtag #NoMore50 to spread awareness about this issue, Humane Society International is calling on members of parliament in India to urge the country’s environment minister to update the penalties.

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Do These People Look Like Their Dogs?

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Watch Puppies Burnt Alive, Dog Shot in Hyderabad

Watch Puppies Burnt Alive, Dog Shot in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: In a latest incident of brutality against animals, videos have surfaced on the social Media in which youths from Hyderabad are seen shooting down dogs and burning them alive.

One Video has a youth gunning down a dog in the city’s Nampally area. The other video shows dogs being burnt alive and the hapless canines are heard shrieking.

City-based Journalist T. S. Sudhir, who tweeted the video, posted that ‘the pups burning shocker happened inside Wazir graveyard in Musheerabad in Hyderabad on July 16′, adding that the video was recovered from a fish stall owner.

The Journalists tagged the videos to the DG of POlice TS, Hyderabad city Police and city Police Commissioner in turn the Director General of Police via twiteer ordered @hydcitypolice @shonampally @shohabeebnagar @shoasifnagar @DCPWZHyd to find out the location and report.

Acting on the order the Musheerabad Police started the investigation and formed the teams.

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27. Do you ever feel pressured by society to start a family or to move into a house?
28. Have either one of your ex-boyfriends tried to holler at the other twin?
29. Do you want children and do you think you will have twins?
30. Do either of you have hidden talents?

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Man SHOOTS Dog with Rifle in Hyderabad | Caught on Camera

In horrifying video, a group of young boys are seen shooting dogs with a gun in Hyderabad

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