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MISE AU POINT : Je me suis mal exprimée, je n’aime plus cette personne. Certes ça restera mon premier vrai amour, mais clairement, ouais, non haha. (Je me devais de faire cette mise au point car voilà, private joke, c’est rigolo haha)

GROS DISCLAIMER : Toutes les choses évoquées dans cette vidéo vous le savez déjà, ma rupture (évoquée dans la vidéo Mon année 2014), mon combat évoqué une paire de fois. J’avais juste envie de faire cette vidéo car beaucoup viennent me parler de leurs problèmes de vie sentimental et aussi parce que j’en ai marre de voir des personnes se déchirer pour un rien. (Comme mis en avant avec mon clip musical)
Donc rien de nouveau sous le soleil, et ça n’a aucun rapport avec ma vie sentimentale actuelle, donc pas besoin de crier au loup. MERCI.

Ensuite oui, mon micro merde à la fin, donc si quelqu’un s’y connaît, AIDEZ MOI ?

Aujourd’hui je reviens pour réparer votre coeur.

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3 dogs safe, cat missing after East Haven house fire ]

3 dogs safe, cat missing after East Haven house fire
A fire Monday left major damage to a home on Maturo Drive in East Haven. Three dogs got away from fire scene without injury. Wes Duplantier — New Haven Register. EAST HAVEN >> Firefighters extinguished a house fire at a residence on Maturo Drive.
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Does your personality affect your dog? Here's how you can find out
Once valued for their ability to perform work, dogs are now more often considered to be a part of the family. This trend is evidenced by an increasing number of pet friendly hotels, restaurants, and workplaces in our communities; by brain imaging …
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4-Her's demonstrate dog training
COLDWATER — There is grooming and care for the dogs, but the most difficult event for 4-H participants at the Branch County Fair is the obedience course, to see how well they have trained their dogs to follow commands. Dozens of the 4-Her's put …
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LG G3 Cat 6 – C?u hình kh?ng nh?ng t?i sao giá quá r??

Video chia s? m?t s? thông tin v? chi?c LG G3 Cat 6 và nh?ng lí do khi?n nó có giá r?t r?. Li?u có ?áng b? ti?n mua vào th?i ?i?m này hay không?
Giá c?a s?n ph?m có t?i:


Theo dõi Fanpage c?a maxmobile ?? c?p nh?t nh?ng thông tin m?i nh?t: https://www.facebook.com/maxmobile.vn
(1) 63A, Ph? V?ng, Hai Bà Tr?ng, Hà N?i, Vi?t Nam
0969.655.655 – 0466.565.565
(2) Kitakyushu Shi Yahatanishiku Tochiku,Horikawa machi 9-12-104-202 ?:807-0861
Lg g3 cat 6
?ánh giá camera LG G3 CAT 6
Có nên mua LG G3 CAT 6 ?
LG G3 CAT 6 giá t?t, uy tín?
LG G3 CAT 6 xách tay ch?t l??ng?
M? h?p LG G3 CAT 6 chính hãng
Mua LG G3 CAT 6 r? nh?t Hà N?i
Video ?ánh giá ch?t kh? n?ng ch?i game LG G3 CAT 6
H??ng d?n s? d?ng LG G3 CAT 6
Video ?ánh giá, review chi ti?t LG G3 CAT 6 chính hãng/ xách tay
Các tính n?ng n?i b?t, ??c bi?t, h?u ích trên LG G3 CAT 6
H??ng d?n mua/ ki?m tra/ check LG G3 CAT 6 c?/ 2hand/ second hand/ qua s? d?ng
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The Surprising Reason Humans Love Cat Videos

The Surprising Reason Humans Love Cat Videos
In the most interesting part of the study, Myrick asked her users to recall the last time they watched a cat video and record their mood before and after the viewing. Overwhelmingly, respondents said they felt significantly happier after watching the …
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Minecraft – Donut the Dog Adventures – SCHOOL PETS

Minecraft - Donut the Dog Adventures - SCHOOL PETS

Minecraft – Donut the Dog Adventures – SCHOOL PETS

Little Kellys Channel:


Little Lizards Channel:


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Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution


CNE cat show: Time for a stretch
Not every cat-lover is a purr-fectionist. Gloria Kuzub and her three-year-old cat Danny Boy — who weighs in at 19 lbs. — have been making the cat show rounds since Danny Boy was four months old. “When I found out there's a category for cats that aren …
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Techniques to lure your cat into a travel carrier
Sometimes it feels like my cats have ESP, especially when it comes to their cat carriers. I make several daily trips to the basement where their carriers are stored, but when I return stealthily with even just one cat carrier, there are no cats to be …
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Medical group: Vet accused of killing cat, posting photo on Facebook violated
The Texas State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners ruled Friday a former Washington County veterinarian who gained nationwide attention for allegedly killing a cat with a bow and arrow and posting about it on Facebook violated the group's rules.
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How to Clean Up With Your Own Pet Business ]

How to Clean Up With Your Own Pet Business
I thought this article Kelli Clevenger shared with me was awesome. It opens the possibilities for people who want to start their own business and who love pets. But one lucrative opportunity isn't in there, poop scooping. I know a couple of people who …
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Children nestle down for night near pet animals at Du Quoin State Fair
Trey, Daniel and Maggie Fix eat lunch in one of the livestock barns at the Du Quoin State Fair Saturday. Youth who show livestock at the fair often camp out at the livestock barns to be able to give the needed care to the animals. 2015-08-30T07:00:00Z …
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Community Leader: Spike in pet adoptions in Richardson came at critical point
15 in Clear the Shelters Day, the goal of which was to find a home for every pet up for adoption. As part of the event, adoption fees were waived or discounted at hundreds of participating shelters. By the end of the day, close to 19,000 pets found …
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Read Archive PDFs:

Read Archive PDFs:
In fact, we would go as far as to speculate that these videos are a big reason why so many people think it's OK to allow wildlife to interact with their pets or even go out of their way to pair them together to see what happens. We have to assume that …
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Pet Vet: Avoiding dog bites
But, at times, they may be difficult to predict or even dangerous. Getting bitten by a dog is terrible for both people and animals alike. Every year, almost 5 million people are bitten by dogs and require millions of dollars of medical attention. Our …
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